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Under Floor Insulation

Boost your home's comfort and savings with professional floor insulation!

Curious about your floor type? Most UK homes have either suspended timber or solid concrete floors, each requiring specific insulation methods. Ensure compliance with Building Regulations for added peace of mind.


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Tired of chilly drafts and rising energy bills?

It's time for floor insulation. This key solution reduces heat loss, ensuring a warmer and cozier living environment. Whether you have a wooden or concrete floor, upgrading insulation can save you significant money annually. Trust the task to a professional builder or skilled DIY-er for optimal results.

Adding extra insulation to your existing floor involves considerations such as maintaining minimum room heights, achieving minimum U-values for thermal performance, and mitigating fire risks. Seeking advice from a Building Control Officer at your local council before starting the work is advisable to ensure compliance and safety.

Don't let cold floors and high bills dampen your comfort - invest in floor insulation today for a cozier home and long-term savings!