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Cavity Wall Insulation

Is my residence suitable for cavity wall insulation?

Insulating your cavity walls presents a straightforward and efficient method to lower your heating expenses while ensuring a cosier home environment.


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How to Remove Cavity Wall Insulation

In general, your property will be deemed suitable for cavity wall insulation under the following conditions:

  • The external walls consist of unfilled cavities.
  • The brickwork or masonry is in good condition.
  • The width of the cavity is at least 35mm (or 50mm for certain insulation types).

However, if any of the following circumstances apply and no corrective measures are feasible, cavity wall insulation should not be installed:

  • Issues related to poor maintenance or structural concerns such as wall cracks.
  • Signs of rising or penetrating dampness.
  • Cavities containing debris, dirty wall ties, or builder's rubble.
  • Exposed locations, particularly where exterior walls are vulnerable to severe weather conditions and driving rain.
  • Guttering that is overflowing or blocked.