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Stay Warm at Home

Discover Various Heating Options with an electric storage heater that can help you benefit from lower off-peak electricity rates.

One benefit of using electric storage heating lies in its cost-effectiveness and ability to manage energy consumption.

Electric storage heaters allow individuals to benefit from off-peak electricity tariffs, charging during cheaper overnight periods when demand is lower. This stored heat can then be released gradually throughout the day, maintaining a comfortable and steady temperature without requiring continuous energy input.


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Furthermore, electric storage heaters provide control for individual rooms, allowing users to adjust heat levels based on their specific requirements. In the UK, the government acknowledges the advantages of electric storage heating and offers grants to encourage its adoption.

These grants are designed to help homeowners upgrade their heating systems, making them more energy-efficient and reducing carbon emissions. By providing financial assistance, the UK government promotes the shift towards greener and more sustainable heating solutions.

Moreover, the availability of government grants to support the adoption of electric storage heating underscores the commitment to promoting energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heating solutions. These grants serve as incentives for homeowners to invest in modern heating technologies that not only enhance comfort but also align with broader sustainability goals.