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Cavity Wall Extraction

With the aid of specialised tools and machinery, we possess the capability to extract any faulty or potentially problematic cavity wall insulation, whether for repair purposes or structural needs. Our extraction process ensures minimal disruption to the building's structure, exterior, and its occupants. With years of expertise in the field, Propoint UK is adept at removing insulation from both residential and commercial properties throughout the UK.

We conduct cavity wall extractions nationwide. Our extraction teams undergo rigorous training, adhering strictly to regulatory and local council standards to ensure the highest quality of service.


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How to Remove Cavity Wall Insulation

  1. The old cavity wall insulation material must be removed.
  2. Bricks are strategically removed to allow access for the vacuum.
  3. An industrial vacuum is used to collect the damaged insulation.
  4. Cavity is inspected ensuring all old insulation has been completely removed.
  5. The old insulation is then bagged up and removed.
  6. All brickwork is made good and the job is done.